Spotlight On…Coco & Kate

Coco & Kate

Coco & Kate is one of the few bridal boutiques that really lives up to the hype. By ‘hype’, I mean the magical place you envisage upon getting engaged…where wedding dress dreams are made.

Nestled in the quaint village of Hatton in Warwickshire (we saw an actual peacock majestically roaming the cobbles on our approach), Coco & Kate is everything a bridal boutique should be: welcoming, intimate, and superbly stylish.

I’m a self-confessed girlie-girl, and everything — from the exquisitely-scented candles and cute-as-a-button cupcakes, to the delicate blush roses and deliciously pink Prosecco — spoke to my love of all things feminine. What’s more, Sophie (owner extraordinaire) is the epitome of warmth. She welcomed us with a hug and a smile, and I love people who hug and smile.

As soon as we walked through the door, we were made to feel effortlessly at home. Sophie guided us through the rows of exquisite dresses (but left us free to browse in the most leisurely of ways), brought us bubbles (and kept them topped up throughout our visit), and never once made me feel rushed (vital when you are prancing around playing princesses with a tiara on your head and a smile on your face).

Stockists of Watters, Anna Campbell, Martina Liana, Love Marley, and the inimitable Hayley Paige (I was lucky enough to be the first to try on the new ‘Dori’ gown — it’s a stunner), there really is something to delight every bride. And the accessories are to die for — think blinging jewellery, divine veils, breathtaking headpieces and stunning shoes.

So if you’re a bride-to-be looking for a wedding dress to wow, I can’t recommend this delightful bridal boutique highly enough. Thank you Coco and Kate; you rock!

Love Emma xxx

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Spotlight on…Hotel Gotham


Decadence; luxury; glamour. Just three of the words that spring to mind when I look back on our stay at Manchester’s newest bespoke hotspot, Hotel Gotham. From the valet parking and welcome cocktails, to the superbly sumptuous bedding and in-room butler martini service, we were wowed from the get-go.

Our first anniversary was always going to be a special time for us; in a whirlwind romance that saw us exchange ‘I love yous’ after five weeks, postcodes after six, and a blinging engagement ring a few short months later, this milestone was a chance to reflect on the happiness of the past year. And like everything else in our lives, it had to be done in style.

Living in a cottage (in a relatively sleepy area), a buzzing city break was the order of the day. And after a recommendation from one of the most stylish couples I know, Gotham jumped straight to the top of our ‘must-stay’ list.

Residing regally in trendy Kings Street (housing Manchester’s business district and designer shops alike), Gotham perfectly encapsulates the glitz and glamour of 1920s Manhattan. And despite a nod of its cap to the caped crusader in name, Hotel Gotham keeps it classy — with subtle references to its namesake (the swag bag was a particular favourite), and its former use as a bank (with gold bars dotted playfully throughout).

The bed was quite simply the comfiest creation ever conceived: the only downside being that we no longer enjoy our own bed. Or pillows. Or duvet. The next time we stay (there will undoubtedly be a next time) we plan on spending much more of our visit between the sheets…to bask in high thread-count heaven.

And then there’s the shower. Oh, the shower. Plenty big enough for two, the monsoon waterfall is a cascade of pleasure that we could have luxuriated in all the livelong day (if we didn’t have to check out by 11).

Since leaving yesterday morning, we’ve lamented the loss of that shower many times…

Everything about Hotel Gotham enhanced our anniversary experience to the full — including the affable bar staff. Our martini man (who skilfully whipped up wet and dry martinis in the comfort of our room) was also manning Club Brass that night (the hotel’s rooftop, £500-a-year, private members bar); he made an espresso martini (my go-to drink of choice) that trumped all others — London cocktail-hotspots included.

I’m about as fussy as they come (to which Mr Me & Thee will undoubtedly testify), and I couldn’t fault it. We enjoyed Club Brass so much that we managed to convince the obliging bar staff to host a gin lock-in. Unfortunately this lasted about ten minutes until I fell asleep at the bar and had to be taken to bed. But the hangover was well worth it. And so was the price-tag.

Hotel Gotham really does think of everything (including hangover and intimacy kits, and truly stylish umbrellas for those inevitable Manchester downpours). So if you’re looking for somewhere special to spend those naughty nights away, we’d recommend grabbing the bat phone and making a reservation pronto. You won’t be disappointed.

Love Emma (Miss Me & Thee) xxx

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Suffering from Running Injuries Ahead of the Great South Run

On Sunday 27th October thousands will take to the streets in Portsmouth for the Bupa Great South Run. The weekend running event caters for all disciplines of running, with a 10 mile course, a junior run and a 5K event.

The first Great South Run took place in 1990 in Southampton, before moving to Portsmouth the following year. The route takes runners past some iconic sites including the harbour where some of the Royal Navy’s finest ships reside. The 5K event was only added in 2011 to the weekend event.

A number of high profile athletes have taken part in the event, which has helped to raise more than £30 million for good causes over the years. The last British man to win the race was none other than Mo Farah in 2009, whilst in the women’s event Jo Pavey took the title last year.

Preparing for an event

Training and preparation are essential before undertaking any running event, whether it is the 5K or 10 mile event. Unfortunately, running injuries are something all participants will have to contend with at some stage in their careers whether in training, during a race or afterwards.

Before you make your way to the start line of the race you need to ensure that you are prepared mentally and physically for what is ahead. If the first time you run is the actual event then not only will it be extremely difficult to complete but the risk of running injuries is this website increased through your lack of preparation.

At the beginning you should create a running diary, giving yourself goals to achieve in the build-up to the run. This is designed to help you enhance your stamina so that you are able to run faster and for longer each week. The training plan should be gradual to ensure that your body can adjust to the change in distances and timings to make you stronger and fitter.

Regardless of whether you are running 5K or even a marathon, the process is the same in starting with small numbers and working your way up until you are able to run the required distance. Marathons are click more details slightly different however in that training plans typically target the 20 mile barrier before an event. Training should be split between distance training, speed and interval training, the latter being when you sprint at certain time frames within a run to really challenge your body.

Training ultimately prepares your body for the run and gives you the best possible chance of completing it within your target time. The more training you do, the better you will perform. Training can also help to prevent running injuries, by toning your muscles and conditioning your body however sometimes injury is unavoidable and there are some more common that others for runners.

Runners Knee

One of the more common running injuries encountered is that of runners knee. Knee pain is common among participants of any sports including running and football where twisting the knee joint during movement is required. The main source of pain or swelling of the joint is damage to the cartilage or ligaments.

Runners knee occurs as a result of overuse, typically when you push yourself too far during training. Patients report a soreness or discomfort beneath the knee cap or to one side which can also cause inflammation. Any inflammation of the knee joint can be very painful and seriously restrict movement, from being able to walk to the shops to competing in a 5K event. Some patients often report a grating sensation within the joint itself.

As discussed, training is essential in the build-up to your running event but you should know your limits and not push yourself too far, as share this website this can increase more details the risk of running injuries such as runners knee. If you believe you are suffering from runners knee symptoms then you should stop straight away and rest, as carrying on can cause more damage and prolong your recovery time.

Ankle Injuries

Running places an enormous amount pressure on the lower joints in the ankle and knee, especially for those running on tarmac. If you think that when you run your entire body weight is landing on your ankle and knee joints, therefore in time there can be a weakness leading to running injuries.

Ankle injuries can range in their severity from a simple strain to ligament tears to a broken ankle. The vast majority of ankle injuries are self-limiting in that they will get better in time with rest while the joint repairs itself.

A sprained ankle happens when there is mild damage to the ligaments, typically when they have been stretched unnaturally whether slipping on the road or falling from the pavement or landing awkwardly from a jump.

More serious injuries can involve longer periods of recovery and even surgery. For mild sprains you can use ice to help manage any inflammation and within a few days you should be back on your feet and ready to start your training once again, just take it easy. You may also consider using an ankle support in the immediate aftermath of an injury in order to help manage any inflammation and offer additional support to minimise the risk of further injury.

Final words on running injuries

Running injuries can happen to professionals and amateurs and sometimes are unavoidable, but what is important is how to manage the condition and overcome it. With the Great South Run just round the corner there will be some runners who are working hard to make sure they can stand at the starting line, with others having overcome many hurdles during training from ankle injuries to runners knee.

Whilst an injury can be very frustrating and demoralising you have to remember that you can do something about it to speed up recovery, whether it is resting, gentle exercise, physiotherapy or the use of a sports brace. You should always remain positive and be clear on what you want to achieve.

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Success: Why Do Some People Feel Guilty For Being Successful?

When people are asked what they want in life they will often say success. And while this can read here be the case, it doesn’t mean that everyone has the same meaning of what that actually means.
There are going to be other people who are already successful and they are probably going to say that they want more. But just because someone wants something, it doesn’t mean they will be able to enjoy it when they get it.
If one hasn’t experienced the kind of success they won’t yet, they might not be able to relate to this. But for the people who have, it might be something they have experienced. And one thing that can stop someone from being comfortable with success is guilt.
So while one person could achieve success and be unable to enjoy what they have worked so hard for, another person could stop themselves from achieving success altogether. The primary difference could be that one person experiences guilty and the other person doesn’t allow themselves to even get this far.
On the surface then, these two people could come across as being completely different. And in terms of how much they have achieved, it is clear that they are different. However, guilt is a problem for both of them.
Two Experiences
When someone is in a position where their guilt completely sabotages their success, there is the chance they won’t understand why they can’t move forward in life and progress. This could cause them to blame external sources and to feel like a victim.
And when someone is able to achieve success and then starts to feel guilty because if it, they might also have trouble understanding why they feel as they do. In this case, one might end up blaming themselves and wonder what is wrong with them.
Guilt is something that one experiences when they have done something wrong. And what one person classes as wrong is not necessarily going to the case for someone else. It will all depend on what is going on within them and this will be the result of the experiences they have had and the meaning they have given those experiences.
For some people, success will be something they are not only able to achieve; it will be something they are able to enjoy. They won’t feel uncomfortable or question why they are experiencing it; it will simply be embraced for what it is.
But while guilt is the emotion that someone will experience when they are successful, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If one was to go beyond the guilt, they would find that it relates to being accepted by others.
To be successful then means that other people will reject and abandon them. Intellectually one might wonder why they believe this and this could also be backed up by the friends they have who are supportive of their success.
One might look back and see that some people have left their life, but as soon as that did happen, they attracted other people into their life. There is also the chance that one does have people around them who are not supportive of their growth and success.
And in order for one to keep these relationships alive, they have to dumb themselves down. So while it is not possible for them to shine and to be the best version of themselves, it does stop them from being rejected.
The media likes to focus on what is going wrong in the world and on people who are suffering. Rarely does it look into what is going well and towards the people who are doing well. If more details it does focus on people who are doing well, it visit more information is often done in a way that creates division.
And because so many people are suffering or going without in life, the people who are not suffering or going without can end up feeling guilty. They can then come to believe that they don’t deserve to have what they have or to have achieved what they have achieved.
Another important influence is going to be the kind of childhood that one had. To be accepted as a child is a matter of life and death, and so anything that could lead to being rejected would most likely have been avoided.
So if ones caregivers were suffering in one area of their life or their whole life was a struggle, it would have caused them to create certain associations around success. One may have learnt that in order to be accepted by their caregivers, they would have to stay at their level.
To go any higher would have caused them to be rejected and abandoned. This could have been something they actually experienced, or it could have been an outlook that they created in their mind. This would then be classed as familiar and therefore safe by their ego mind.
Time Goes By
Many years will have passed since these early years and yet, these associations will still exist. Intellectually one may have continued to develop, but the same can’t be said about their emotional development.
So as one lets go of these associations, they will be able to feel comfortable with success. These associations can be kept alive when the emotional experiences of one’s past have remained in their body. share this website As these emotions are released, they will be able to integrate what happened and to move on.
This can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to get in touch with their trapped emotions and gradually release them.

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Summary Of Excel Data Entry

Work from home data entry is an easy task for several reasons. read here You do not have to wake up early in the morning peak hour congestion in the office. In simple terms, you are your own boss and fully authorized to work on your own needs. You work the way you want and take what fits you best.
Now the people who work these jobs online for the best talents and abilities and is considered practical jobs.
And special projects according to your needs of many companies have projects. So, writing, management and various databases, or even different branches or multi-national businesses and to update the list of activities are writing. Data entry jobs at home work at home, women, children and all those people who can not due to any reason is considered the best. They can make money with both hands full.
Your e-mail on the Internet, telephone and fax can be seen on a large number of vacancies. But what makes most people opt for a data entry job? There are certainly some advantages of these jobs can not be found in other home based jobs will be. Direct extension of the growing number of employees at the entry points. One or more home based data entry jobs, millions of people. Let’s offer for these jobs and how much you can earn with this home-based jobs have a look.
First you must understand that over 99% of the data entry work, typing, sorting, documenting, and research dealing to get a laptop and a white collar job can be more flexible than. Just enter your room, sit in the backyard, dining room may be, or waxes and can work the room. This means that no matter where you go, your income will not stop – is the biggest advantage of online home based jobs.
Depending on the nature of the client and work for you to the Excel spreadsheet, a phone number, address or last name sorting, the specific types of information are asked to sort. Not only as an example, the most popular software for Microsoft share this website Excel uses is one of the programs used in data entry jobs.
Excel using data validation criteria set out more details in the cells is a simple process of entering data. For example, let’s say, an Excel spreadsheet you need the names of permanent employees to enter. Why think about the spelling or trying to remember all the names? You can make a list and then how you can select the name from a drop-down list in the order of cells. Also, let’s assume you sell items that you or employees need to pay the price. Make a list!
A case of the list, you can right-doing and use the list again and again. At least the minimum wage – sometimes in the company are certain minimum and maximum. We can also create lists of value-added tax or VAT. Several ways in Excel, you can also custom data validation, for example, make sure you use your overall budget is more than ever to define.
If the operator does not perform check more data entry instructions and a wrong entry ‘4500 ‘Excel. Makes sound and make your own message to display, “You did not follow the instructions on data entry! “You can also use an error. Number, date and text data can be validated so that data entry can be slippery.

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