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Charlotte and Adam have to be one of the most loved-up couples we’ve ever seen; they met seven years ago (an office romance), and married this summer in the beautiful Checkley Church — a grade one listed building in the heart of Staffordshire. Their wedding was filled with pretty pastels, show-stopping fashion, and copious amounts of love and laughter. Not to mention hand-made invitations and one of the prettiest wedding cakes we ever did see.

Scroll through a dapper selection of their beautiful photos, then read all about the bride and groom’s choices for the big day.

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The dress: Charlotte spotted her dream Ian Stuart dress at a wedding fayre, and knew straight away that she’d found ‘the one’: “My mum burst into tears when she saw me in it; a truly magical moment.” It was the very first our blushing bride tried on, and ended the search right there and then.

The groom’s attire: Adam wanted to veer away from traditional tails (something the couple had never even considered) in favour of a slim fit suit, but when the bride and groom-to-be visited J&J Designs, the style-savvy sales girls advised him to give tails a try. “It was the best decision ever — Adam looked so smart, and the look fitted in perfectly with our theme and venue.”

The venue: Charlotte had her heart set on marrying in church, and after visiting the Church of St Mary in the rural village of Checkley, she immediately fell in love; luckily, it was just five minutes away from their dream venue: “We were lucky to find The Heath House on the internet: a beautiful gothic building surrounded by stunning gardens and a marquee; we knew from the first visit that this was the one.”

The theme: To style the venue, Charlotte turned to Pinterest (all hail our number one creative hub!) for ideas and inspiration: “Pinterest was simply the best way to get all of our ideas together; it really helped to visualise the final look, as you have to be sure that what you choose will tie in, and nothing will look out of place (which is so hard when you can’t see your final vision until the big day).”

The couple also turned to family and friends for those all-important second opinions, and trusted to their florist at Forget Me Not to help them decide what looked best: “Our florist was amazing. She gave us so much direction, which really helped us to picture the overall look — giving us total peace of mind.”

The final look was a sea of pastel colours (we approve!), with pompoms tied playfully to the backs of each chair. Charlotte’s five bridesmaids complimented the scene in lilac, pastel pink and dusky pink dresses.

The ceremony: The couple exchanged traditional vows, in a traditional setting, complete with a reading of The Corinthians 13: “Getting married in church with the bells ringing, and sharing a special moment with our close friends and family was an unforgettable experience. I wish I could do it all again!”

Charlotte described walking down the aisle with her dad (as Adam’s talented uncle played Pachelbel’s Canon in D on the church organ) as an emotional yet beautiful experience: “We looked at each other, and had a moment as if time stood still and there was just me and him.”

Adam: “I felt so proud seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle.”

Advice from the bride: ““We loved every part of planning our wedding; it really is the best day of your life and we wouldn’t do a thing differently. Remember, the day is about you and the groom, so try to keep your plans in line with what you like and don’t get distracted by what other people tell you to have (or don’t have). And keep things a surprise — especially your wedding dress!”

Advice from the groom: “Savour the day”.  Short and sweet, but we couldn’t agree more!

Thank you so much to Charlotte and Adam for sharing their special day with us. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together xxx

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Luscious Amazingly Fresh Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Luscious Amazingly Fresh Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Between bon apptit and weight there is only a thin line of gluttony. This simply means that one is obese because of extra craving for good food. Well if it is so, don’t start thinking that it’s too late. A right beginning can start in an instant and amend your ways to lose weight.

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but most of them are ineffective, some have considerable health risks and rest just doesn’t care for your body’s nourishment. To lose weight safely you require an alternative food habit, one that needs to be cultivated while synchronizing a bond between your taste buds and diet.

Fortunately HCG diet plan works that way. It is not only well customized for each person, medically supervised, but keeps strict note of the calories taken by a dieter, which never falls below 800 per day. HCG incorporated diet especially Diet Doc’s prescribed HCG is a highly successful weight loss plan. It has helped people to lose weight while not compromising with their health, like most other weight loss programs do. HCG diet plan also includes many supplements and products to keep energy share here levels for your body high.

Juicing for weight loss is another viable option to lose weight. Apart from giving concentrated nutrition, boost immunity and improving digestion it also provides;

1) Varied Nutritional Advantage Fresh juice is source to minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. That is why it is also the most powerful source to keep body nourished while also losing weight.

2) Controls Appetite Food Cravings As mentioned earlier appetite leads to food cravings. Obesity causes undue food cravings which are naturally suppressed by fresh juice.

3) Lowers Cholesterol Naturally Without deploring your carbohydrates, nutrients and energy, fresh juice has the capability to keep the cholesterol level lowered naturally.

4) Balances Blood Sugar While fresh juices satiate your sweet tooth it keeps your blood sugar considerably well balanced.

5) Strong Detoxifying and Diuretic Cleansing your body inside out, fresh juices are also strong diuretic. So that puffiness and problem of stomach bloating are reduced significantly with fresh juices recipes for weight loss.

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Lump On The Back Of The Head

Lump on the back of the head

All of us have hundreds of lymph nodes scattered throughout our bodies as a critical part of our immune systems. This network of nodes functions as a powerful, intelligent filtration system to keep the insides of our bodies clean and healthy.

Tiny vessels called lymph vessels carry germs, foreign particles, and unhealthy or malignant cells to the lymph nodes, where they are trapped. Active lymph nodes enlarge as they attempt to destroy the unwelcome material.

The lymph nodes also function as schools. Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, study the foreign material so that they can produce antibodies, killer cells, and other substances to protect the body from the threat.

Sometimes the lymph nodes are overwhelmed in the process. Our defenders can be taken over by a cancer or an infection. These enlarged nodes can become a refuge where the invaders can hide and proliferate.

When evaluating enlarged lymph nodes the first consideration is whether these nodes are localized (in one or two adjacent regions of the body) or generalized (spread throughout the body, often including the spleen — the largest lymph node — which is found just under the rib cage in the left upper part of the abdomen). Generalized enlarged lymph nodes suggest that the body is responding to a whole-body problem, such as an infection (bacterial, viral, or fungal), an autoimmune disease (arthritis or lupus), a drug reaction, or a malignancy such as leukemia. The infection might be very mild, or might be as serious as HIV.

Localized enlarged lymph nodes are responding to events in the part of the body filtered by those nodes. A scratch on the finger can produce swollen nodes at the elbow and /or the armpit. Minor trauma to the foot is filtered by nodes behind the knee and in the groin.

localized nodes are most often noticed around the head and neck. They frequently grow in response either to respiratory infections of all kinds (ear infections, colds, sinus infections, etc.) — or, to some combination of these.

Much less commonly, head and neck nodes can grow from cat-scratch-fever, tuberculosis, drinking unpasteurized milk (mycobacterial infections), or eating undercooked meat (toxoplasmosis). They can also grow from an isolated malignancy, such as a lymphoma.

Many people have a sunny attitude toward “swollen glands,” not believing they will really be serious. Others believe these lumps to be harbingers of doom. The truth is somewhere in between. Most of these situations turn out to be fine, but enlarged lymph nodes should be respected.

Location — enlarged lymph nodes just above the collar bone often indicate serious disease.

Character — nodes that are hard, non-tender, and irregular are very suspicious. Normal nodes are mobile beneath the skin. Fixed nodes, those that are firmly attached either to the skin or to deeper tissues, are often malignant. Nodes that are tender, inflamed, or rubbery in consistency usually represent an infection.

Growth — enlarged nodes that continue to enlarge rapidly should be evaluated rapidly.

Associated symptoms — fever, night sweats, or weight loss accompanying enlarged lymph nodes should be investigated thoroughly.

If lymph nodes remain truly enlarged for more than 2 weeks, or if other worrisome signs are present, then the next steps of evaluation include a complete blood count (CBC).

Other simple tests include a sedimentation rate (a general blood test that indicates whether something significant might be going on in the body as a whole), blood chemistries (LDH is often elevated in malignancies, AST and ALT are often elevated in infections that cause enlarged lymph nodes), and a tuberculosis skin test. Depending on the results, other studies might include tests for specific illnesses (mono or HIV), and an x-ray or an ultrasound to get a better picture of what is going on.

If the node remains enlarged , or continues to grow after 2 weeks, then a biopsy of the lymph node is indicated, unless the physical exam and lab tests are convincingly reassuring. At least half of the time, a biopsy does not reveal a definite cause for the enlargement, but the biopsy can rule out cancer and other serious problems.

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Luxury Vacation Travel For A Fraction Of The Cost

Luxury Vacation Travel For A Fraction Of The Cost

Sometimes, if you are not careful, you end up paying a small fortune for a luxurious holiday. However, you tend to pay less when you make detailed plans.

The first thing you need to do, share this site is to devise clear goals. Going there to learn about the history and culture? Or you are traveling for leisure? There are many different goals. Try to reconcile your needs with those of your travel companions. Tension can be avoided if you talk it over with your pals. Work on your traveling goals together.

The details become clearer once you get your goals down on paper. For example, if you are traveling to relax, focus more on that. Who will you be traveling with? Are there any additional tools you need to bring along? How many days do you intend to spend golfing? If you are going to golf, do you intend to do any business while you are golfing?

Having a range of activities will help prevent boredom. For example, on top of golfing, you can also plan for a leisure day at the beach, or a massage at the SPA. When one enjoyable moment follows another, there is nothing that could possibly spoil your mood!

Finally, going on luxury vacations usually mean that it’s time to pamper yourself. Distractions are abundant, so you must be careful not to let them spoil your vacation. Just focus on enjoying the trip. Peace and quiet is great for healing the spirit. So while traveling, just relax!

Once you have made up your mind to go on a luxury vacation, you will now have to pick a destination. Destinations differ in terms of facilities, scenery, and price. But there will be a place that will appeal to your own personal preferences.

When we talk about luxury vacations, we are referring to villas. Holiday resorts don’t come into the picture. Villas are much larger, and definitely better equipped with facilities. Besides being well facilitated, villas are also very exclusive. Because of exclusivity, be prepared to pay a higher price for the accommodation. For the price that you will be paying, you will get the whole villa to yourself.

Top luxury destinations include those in highly developed countries like the US and the UK. The main reason why such villas are the most expensive is because real estate is costly in these countries. Therefore, it is common to have to pay a premium price for villas in these nations.

If you find it too costly to have luxury holidays in US or UK, try staying in an Asian villa. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices that you can get.

In addition, you will also see sights that you don’t normally see in western destinations. For example, you can visit temples and learn more about the eastern culture. Villas in Bali are well known for being spacious, well facilitated, and reasonably priced. Even the look and feel of the majestic villas is different. You can choose to live in small one room villas, or you can opt to stay in large 4 to 5 room villas.

You don’t have to spend a bomb to stay in a luxurious villa. Just make an online search to see what comes up. You may also wish to check out destinations such as Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.

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Lupus Treatment

Lupus Treatment

Lupus is a medical condition for which there is no cure. Many people have tried to find a cure for lupus, but unfortunately they have not succeeded. However, there are treatments available for lupus. If you are diagnosed early in the lupus state and are given a proper treatment for lupus, there are big chances that you will be able to manage the lupus symptoms very well and even lower your risk of damaging some organs because of lupus.

If you are one of the lupus patients, then you know that after you have been diagnosed with lupus, you will be assessed to see if there is major damage in your organs. You will be given a treatment for lupus according to the extent of this condition and the activity of the lupus. After the doctor has carefully examined your lupus case, you can be given medication that you can take from the pharmacies without any prescription of your treatment for lupus can be more severe. Depending on the lupus case that you have, therapy, changes in your diet and even in your lifestyle might be necessary if you have lupus. There are many medication that are available to treat lupus and are also approved by researchers that have studied the lupus case. Drugs that have no steroids in them and relieve the aching of your joints are very good if you suffer from lupus. Another medication that is given to lupus patients are antimalarial medication. These drugs are good in lupus cases because they can help you with your skin rashes
or if you have arthritis, another sign of lupus. Immunosuppressive agents are also drugs that doctors give in lupus cases.

There are also some tricks to use if you suffer from lupus:
– if you have a lupus flare, be careful to get as much rest as you can;
– if your lupus is in remission, then try to exercise much to make your joints more flexible;
– if the rash that you have if suffering from lupus persists, go to your doctor and talk with him/ her about using a cortisone cream that can relieve the rash, a lupus symptom;

Even if there is not available cure for lupus yet, researchers say that there is hope. Over the last couple of check more years, the method to diagnose lupus and to treat lupus has changed very much. Scientists and doctors are also working to find a cure for lupus.

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