New year; new focus

New year motivation
New year motivation


Happy New Year you lovely lot. And sorry it’s been so long…

Soon after starting this blog, my father-in-law to-be became very poorly, and all of Mr Me & Thee’s nights were spent at the hospital, organising housing, and being a general superhero. After that, we decided to focus on having a wonderful Christmas and start afresh in the New Year.

So here we are. Ready and raring to go. And we’ve achieved quite a bit in terms of wedding planning too…which is rather fortuitous, as yesterday marked the TEN MONTH countdown to our nuptials!!! How did that happen so quickly???

In a nutshell: I FINALLY decided on my wedding dress (more about that to come); Mr Me & Thee’s fierce groom outfit is mostly complete; I’ve settled on the all-important hair stylist (this was always a major source of stress for me as I am super precious about my locks); we bagged an awesome deal on our videographer (thanks to our superb photographer’s handy contacts); I found the perfect dress for my Maid of Honour; my ma ordered her exquisite Mother of the Bride gown; we nabbed swanky suit jackets for our dads – and we’ve snapped up loads of cool things for venue dressing!

We will of course be blogging about all of those things in far more detail over the coming weeks. But for now, we’d love to know how your wedding planning is coming along!

Leave us a comment or drop us a mail – it’s always good to hear from you and share the joy (and stress).

Love Emma (Miss Me & Thee) xxx

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Me & Thee…On Being Engaged

SHE SAYS: Getting engaged is pretty damn cool; for a start, people buy you presents, "ooh" and "aah" over that new bit of bling on your finger, and show an eager interest in everything from how he asked to when you're getting wed. But even cooler than that is knowing you've just embarked on the most loved-up, fun-filled, mind-blowingly exciting journey, with the most important, influential, and downright awesome person in your life.

It's also more than a little bit touching to know that someone (your someone) has put *that* amount of effort into showing you how they feel.

So, how did he ask?

I walked through the door of our cottage one balmy night in July to a sea of rose petals; candles filled every conceivable space, pink champagne waited expectantly on ice, and our wedding music (the piece he knew I wanted to walk down the aisle to) played softly over the scene. There was an ethereally lit white tree (complete with Alice in Wonderland playing cards that he'd made) hanging from its willowy branches, and my man was waiting, suited and booted, down on one knee. It was perfect. And of course, I said yes.

I was a tad worried that when the time came, I'd be distinctly underwhelmed. Now don't get me wrong, I knew that whatever Paul planned would be special — that's just who he is — but we'd talked all about getting engaged, and I knew it was happening soon. Would I be excited? Would I feel any different? Would people be at all interested?

Happily, the answer was yes, yes, and hell yes!

It was pretty damn magical. I felt insanely different. And people were bloody lovely. As soon as we’d visited the rents, sent the texts, and made the all important facebook announcement, the cards, presents and well wishes came pouring in. It was like Christmas, but just for us. I found a surprising amount of comfort in being a 'fiancée'; like everything was finally as it should be. Not in an I-need-a-man-to-complete-me sort of a way; it was more I've-found-the-person-I-was-always-meant-to-be-with-and-I'm-gonna-marry-the-f*ck-outta-him. And that feeling has only grown as the weeks have gone by.

We're now in the full swing of wedding planning, and so far, everything has been surprisingly easy. But we're not naive; we are fully expecting to lose our shit any day now — so please stay with us and help to keep us on track, looking forward, and most importantly, as sane as anyone planning a wedding can be.

Me & Thee

HE SAYS: The journey from boyfriend to fiancé is one of the most exhilarating adventures you’ll ever take — and coming from someone whose travelled the globe, that’s some pretty serious shit right there.

I had asked the most inspiring, insane and beautiful woman in the world to marry me, and for reasons known only to her, she’d said yes!

From the very beginning, planning the proposal was the best thing I'd ever done. Arranging a life-changing surprise for the person you'd do anything to make smile is bloody brilliant; the sleuth-like studying of her favourite things, the frantic seconds ordering that perfect prop, or the time spent researching a new idea while she's getting a drink or on the phone are all incredibly exciting.

Now don’t get me wrong, there's a certain amount of stress involved too. I’m not sure there’ll be another time in my life (excepting the big day) that I'll lose so much sleep over whether those faded pink rose petals are the best shade to display my affections, or whether 150 candles really say “I love you” enough.

But the planning paid off: I managed to hold back the emotions long enough to get through my why-I-have-to-marry-you speech (although excitable minds being what they are, there was a certain amount of ad-libbing), and after that, the excitement of planning was swiftly replaced with the excitement of being engaged — and there's nothing quite like it.

It is, quite simply, the most perfect sense of belonging I have ever felt.

You don’t expect to feel much different the next day; I mean, you still love each other the way you did the day before, and your lives are still the same, right? Wrong. It’s a brave new world.

Everything was somehow more comforting, more certain, more peaceful. I felt indestructible, with the deepest sense of knowing that my life was as it should be. I also realised that other people saw me differently: questions went from “are you going out this weekend” to “when are you having kids then”, and the aspects of life often deemed the province of adolescents suddenly stopped being part of my day-to-day conversations. It was the first time I had ever felt that people were looking at me as a grown-up.

It’s like I'd joined an elite club of people who've really got their shit together; of course, we haven't at all, but we do have an invigorating sense of purpose. And what a purpose it is. I get to spend the next year planning what will no doubt be a highly styled celebration of our love for one another, and the rest of my life showing that love to the person who's made my life the one thing I never thought it could be: perfect.

There are so many things I'm unsure of when I look ahead to next year, but there’s one thing I know for certain: it’s going to be one hell of a journey.

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Cash Loans To Your Door Rely On Easy Loan Deal

Cash Loans to Your Door Rely on Easy Loan Deal

Are you unable to wait anymore to see your loan request approved by the local lenders? It means that you are in need of at random cash where you can’t postpone your necessary expenses. In such a tough situation, you can rely on cash loans to your door that come to you at your gateway and you don’t have to go anywhere to collect money. These loans are free from lots of documentation process and so,everyone is able to fetch any required loan sum through these loans anytime. In order to avail these loans at low interest rate, you will need to check the quotes of various lenders and then, you can find suitable loan deal.
There are lots of online lenders available in the loan market where affordable loan deals can be found. As you can find every day new site being launched on the online world, it is click this site easy to access for a deal according to your demand. You will be able to find money in the range of 100 pounds to 1500 pounds and it can be used for a lot more purposes of credit card dues, medical issues, water supply and even other necessary expenses that occur in your life at once.
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Stop worrying about your poor credit score. It will be definitely improved if you take care of your repayment process. No issue what credit faults you are carrying as these loans will really support you better. These loans are sanctioned to you along with arrears, defaults, CCJs, insolvency, bankruptcy, late payment, skipped payment and even other issues as well. Various online lenders are ready to serve you with money without any hassle and thus, give up all of your small term needs and rely on cash loans to your door, which will come to you in a quick manner through online mode.

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Catering Sydney 3 Reasons To Hire A Catering Company

Catering Sydney ?3 Reasons to Hire a Catering Company

When you are throwing an event, whether it is small or large, you want to have a certain sense of style and substance when it comes to food and drink. You could go the self-catering route and stock your fridge, purchase finger foods, and then struggle to keep up with the demands that are presented in hosting and serving a gathering. Don’t allow yourself to be flustered, or overwhelmed, make sure to look into catering Sydney, for a major increase in peace of mind. The following are 3 simple reasons to hire a company to help feed your hungry guests.

1. Professionalism ?When you’re putting together a serious event, you will find that hiring a major company will give your party a sense of professionalism that isn’t seen with many gatherings. Keep in mind that you should consider what your guests needs are and what type of party you’re throwing together. If you’re throwing together a viewing party, or a Superbowl Party of sorts, you will want to go with a simpler route. However, if you’re throwing a wedding reception, you might want to invest in a more elegant option. Either way, hiring professionals just click this site makes your party and event far better.

2. Food and Drink ?The second reason why you want to invest in this option is because you will get peace of mind when it comes to food and drink options. Some drink options that can come with hiring a catering company can be soft drinks as well as liquor options. Food can be something simple like finger foods or something more complex like full buffet options. Full buffet with seafood, casseroles, and much more can be a great way of having friends and family line up for their food, rather than having to get a waiter to come through and assist from time to time.

3. Fringe Benefits ?The third thing that you should consider in regards to hiring any professional company is the fact that you’ll receive additional tables and chairs. If you want to rent certain materials to assist your party and help get people fed without having to look into purchasing full tables and chairs, you can rent them at a low price and having the professional service come in, set up, and give you better options. You will also be able to plan in advance, have everything set in stone, and make sure that you’re moving ahead with whatever your party is for.

When searching for catering Sydney, you will find that there is a plethora of options in the area that are ready to serve you. Make sure that you set up a budget that will assist you in moving forward with the right company. Get estimates early on, and don’t wait too long, because you might end up spending far too much for services. You don’t have to be planning a huge event to move forward, you can end up making major strides for a small gathering of friends and family as well.

Are you ready to learn more about spit roast catering and cold finger food ? Click on the following links

Are you ready to learn more about +roast+catering.shtml spit roast catering and cold finger food ? Click on the following links

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Cat Flea Free Feline

Cat Flea Free Feline

Underneath the fur of your pet feline are fleas, tiny parasites that suck their blood. Most cats found at home are the hosts of these cat fleas although they are also seen to infect other animals like rabbits and dogs. Fleas are a common occurrence in a dog&25263; or cat&25263; body although in very few amounts. Make sure that it does not develop into Flea Allergy Dermatitis which is a precursor of more serious problems with regards to the skin. An increase in the number of fleas however may lead to a severe loss of blood, causing the host to be anemic. Fleas are also notorious for being carriers for several other parasites such as tapeworm and other organisms.

What are the signs to check if your pet cat has a flea infection? First and most obvious sign is frequent biting and scratching of their fur as if something is irritating them. Since cats normally scratch their fur, it is also vital that how to electric kettle guide you actually take a closer look at your cat&25263; skin to check for the presence of dark brown crawling insects. It would be quite hard to see if your cat has dark fur so it is also suggested to inspect their beddings as well.

Whenever cats are scratching their fur, these pesky fleas fall off. Another way of checking of the presence of these blood sucking-insects is to rub the fur lightly while they are standing on a big sheet of white paper. Apply a demister afterwards. The presence of dark brown marks with red stains on the paper is a positive indicator of the existence of fleas on your feline.

Removing the fleas from your cat is not quite easy to do since they are found to react quite sensitively to chemicals. There are some products available on the market to help eradicate this problem and leave you feline flea free.

A flea collar is the most common form of a cat flea removal product. Poison is found on these collars in enough quantities to kill those adult fleas on and in the vicinity of the neck and head region. However, the fleas existing on the lower part of the body are not affected.

Another product is the flea shampoo that contains chemicals that can exterminate the fleas. Extreme care must be used to avoid irritating the skin of the cat and causing them much discomfort.

A chemical free technique to get rid of these cat fleas, especially the adult ones is by using a flea comb. Be prepared with a bowl of water with a bit of detergent mixed into it to put the gathered fleas in to drown. Putting a dollop of petroleum jelly on the flea comb can help catch the fleas by letting them stick on the comb easily.

Flea powders may also be utilized but not frequently to avoid drying and irritating the fur and skin of your pet feline.

Oral medicines may be mixed with their food which will be taken up into the blood. When the fleas feed on the blood, it will act by preventing the maturation of their eggs. This method is best used in combination with another method that effectively kills the adult cat flea.

Application of topical creams and ointments may also be effective, depending on brand and the degree of flea infestation. It is usually applied once every month until the cat is free of fleas.

For a successful management of these cat fleas, the area where the cat usually stays is treated as well. These fleas frequently hide in carpets, curtains, beds, and anywhere conducive to its existence. For a total eradication of these cat fleas, it is a highly suggested to have the whole house cleaned and treated from top to bottom, indoors and outdoors. Other pets are also included in the flea free program.

Lastly, it is always recommended to consult with your neighborhood veterinarian first before using any flea removing product to make sure that both you and your feline is safe and on his way to becoming flea free.

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