A Day In The Life…Of Rebecca Frances

Rebecca Frances, Bridal Makeup ArtistRebecca Frances

Rebecca is an award winning makeup artist specialising in beauty and bridal makeup. Her clients include the cast of The Only Way is Essex, Hollyoaks, and Made in Chelsea. Rebecca’s wonderful work has featured in both Conde Nast Brides and Professional Beauty magazines.

What does a typical ‘day at work’ involve for you?
One of the things I love most about my job is the fact that no two days are the same! If If I’m working on location at a wedding, it will typically involve a very early alarm. A 6am arrival at a venue is the norm, working right through bridesmaid after bridesmaid for up to 6 hours straight. Where I can, I’ll stay right up until a bride is ready to walk out the door to her ceremony for touch ups, I love seeing everything come together. In between weddings I’m on call 7 days a week for my clients, helping answer any questions they may have, constantly meeting new clients for their pre wedding trials, answering hundreds of emails, updating social media, washing brushes (soooo many brushes), prepping for each wedding adding my personal touch, stocking up on kit essentials (one of my favourite jobs!) and when I have the time, planning and executing styled shoots with other industry experts. This job certainly keeps me on my toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How did it feel to win Professional Beauty’s National Young Makeup Artist of the Year in 2009, just two years into your career?
I was encouraged to enter the awards by my makeup educator, the legendary David Horne. Being up against some incredibly talented artists with more experience than myself meant I had little confidence that I would even get through to the finals of the competition, so winning the award gave me the determination to pursue the career I’ve wanted since I was a little girl.

With a number of accolades to your name (including National Makeup Specialist of the Year 2011, and being named as a finalist in the Best Makeup Artist category at the Wedding Industry Awards 2015), what is your proudest professional achievement to date?
Taking the risk to work completely self employed, and carving out a successful business with an excellent reputation has to be my proudest moment to date. That and working on Cara Delevingne’s iconic eyebrows.

You’ve worked backstage at London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miss Universe, Austria’s Next Top Model and L’Oreal Colour Trophy: what’s it really like behind the scenes?
Crazy! The calm and collected vibe on the catwalk is the polar opposite of what’s happening backstage. Fashion is full of the unexpected, but a few things are always guaranteed: A sneak peak at incredible haute couture pieces. 6ft models that require a step ladder to reach. 3 makeup artists, 2 hair stylists, and a manicurist working on one model at the same time to get a model ready for the catwalk, sometimes with seconds to spare. Lots of swearing. And coconut water. So much coconut water.

We’d consider the wedding industry a dream gig for any creative professional, but how did you make the transition from your international backstage work to bridal beauty?
Through word of mouth, client recommendations meant my bridal business was able to grow at a rate I could only dream of! Working in the bridal industry offered a stability and job satisfaction that working in fashion alone couldn’t fulfil. My desire to please and provide an unrivalled level of client experience meant the progression felt very natural, I’m in my element!

We love a bit of fantasy and theatre when it comes to wedding style; have you ever worked on a wedding that was completely outrageous?
I was once booked to work on a ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, except I didn’t know until I turned up on the wedding morning! I’m obsessed with the over the top decadence that’s associated with traveller weddings, so it was exciting to be involved in such a huge celebration. The makeup requested was as fabulously glamorous as you’d expect, my only regret was not bringing enough glitter!

What advice would you give to any aspiring makeup artists out there?
The makeup industry is so fully of variety, find out what area you want to work in and do your research. Assist experienced artists in your chosen sector. Network, the saying “It’s not what you know but who you know” is very prevalent in the competitive world of makeup. Practice. Never stop learning. Value yourself and your work. Be patient, it wont happen overnight. And remember, it’s nice to be nice!

And finally…what are your top tips for achieving that perfect wedding day look?
Flawless skin is always on trend, so invest wisely in the products you use to cleanse and enhance your skin. I’m a real perfectionist, I aim to achieve a perfect looking base with as minimal product as possible to ensure a makeup looks and feels natural. I’m a big fan of using concealer to achieve this, one of my faves is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Waterproof products where necessary will be your best friend on such an emotional day, and finally, remember to stay true to your personal style!

Rebecca Frances 2

If you would like to find out more about the incredible talent that is Rebecca Frances, pop along to her website.

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Renting a laptop can be a great solution for business challenges. If the one you’re using crashes, renting a laptop will help you get through critical deadlines while your system is getting repaired. If you’re planning on going on a vacation and do not want to risk the security of your personal laptop, you may rent one at the place you’re vacationing at. Raleigh laptop rental companies can also be of great help when you’re looking forward to purchasing a new computer but are unsure about the features that would best suit your requirements. By renting a laptop, you can determine whether the features in it match your needs or you’re looking for something else. If your office is experiencing increase in staff members for a short period of time, renting laptops will work out very well in stead of purchasing new ones.

Points to consider before renting laptops
It is important to determine what features you require before renting a laptop.

– Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection: Wi-Fi connections allow people to connect to the internet or LAN wirelessly. Bluetooth is a networking specification for short-range purposes. If your phone is Bluetooth-enabled, you may rent laptops that have Bluetooth capabilities in order for you to share files conveniently. Most laptops are manufactured with wireless networking in mind, not all of them have Bluetooth capabilities, however.

– Software: You must determine the sims freeplay hack Tool whether the basic office software is sufficient or you require more specialized softwares. Most of the companies that offer Raleigh laptop rental services will load custom software, you will have to check and request the software of your preference before you sign the rental agreement. You must also confirm if they charge additional money for it.

click here The use of the laptop: If the reason for renting a laptop is to store notes or establish a connection with the office, an elementary model should suffice. But if you’re looking to make an impression at some business presentation, the laptops with the latest technology can help you do just that. Find out the models that are available before taking your pick.

– Peripherals: You must determine whether you need any peripherals, like a projector or printer to go with the laptop. If you do, you can ask the rental company to provide you with the ones that match your requirements and have them install it so that they work seamlessly.
Rental rates

There are plenty of Raleigh nba live mobile http://www.gta5hackcheats.com/ hack tool ios laptop rental companies that allow you to rent laptops either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The rates charged for the systems on a daily basis works out much more expensive than the ones you can rent on, say, a monthly basis. Most of these companies offer attracting discounts to customers who are regular. Before you can rent the laptops, you will have to be precise about the specifications and configurations of the system. Make sure everything that you asked for is in the best shape before you sign the rental agreement.

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Remarkable Achievements – Marlee Matlin And Helen Keller

The names Helen Keller and Marlee Matlin are world-famous. Helen Keller was the little deaf and blind girl whose early life inspired the stage play and the movie The Miracle Worker and Marlee Matlin was the young deaf actress from the show caseclickerhack.com/caseclickerhack/ Children of a Lesser God. However, despite the differences in their situations, there are some striking similarities between the lives of these two remarkable women.

Helen Keller was born in 1880 in Alabama; Marlee Matlin was born in Illinois in 1965. Yes, both were deaf; but what other similarities could be found between these two people?

Both children were born sighted and hearing. At the age of eighteen or nineteen months, both girls suffered high fevers which resulted in Marlee’s profound deafness and Helen’s profound deafness and total blindness. Neither family wanted to send their daughter to live away from home: After visiting several distant residential schools for the deaf, the Matlins enrolled Marlee in self-contained and mainstreamed click here classes near home. The Kellers, after considering putting Helen in an asylum, kept her at home and found Annie Sullivan to give Helen her first years of education.

As young women, both attended college. Helen Keller learned to speak, and was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor’s degree. read more Both were performers: Marlee Matlin’s ongoing career is well-documented, and Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan traveled the world, first in lecture circuits and then in Vaudeville shows. Both women devoted themselves to advocacy for increasing awareness in the general public for those with physical challenges. Both campaigned for improved educational opportunities for the deaf and blind as well. Helen Keller spent her entire adult life touring the world, advocating for improved education for click here the deaf and deafblind. Ms. Matlin is a spokesperson for an organization called the National Captioning Institute. She was one of the driving forces that created a law that calls for all televisions 13 inches or larger to contain a chip to enable closed captioning for deaf viewers. This opened up a much larger world for deaf viewers, and has been called a godsend for the deaf.

And what about the differences between these two women? These are also remarkable.

For Helen Keller, life in general was much more limited, and this was not only because of the additional challenge of her blindness. At that time, there were no specialized services for young challenged children. When Helen was turning 7, she was mute and behaviorally uncontrollable. She had just discovered that words mean things, and had just learned her first fingerspelled words. As an adult she and her teacher had to physically travel, which was itself no easy undertaking, to make her speeches and appearances in order to strive to better the lives of the deaf and deafblind.

When she was seven years old, Marlee Matlin was fortunate enough to go to summer camp. Also, she starred as Dorothy with both hearing and deaf children in a school production of The Wizard of Oz. As an adult, travel is much easier, and apprearing via telepresence is common. Her career and her charitable and advocacy activities can be found with a few clicks of a mouse.

Different lives? Absolutely. A similar heart? Most likely. Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan, and others like them, pioneered the improvements in education for the deaf and deafblind. Marlee Matlin has continued in this cause, as will others after her.} else {

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Relief From Debt- Related Guide For Federal Credit Debt Relief

Are you in debt? If so than you are right in line with thousands of Americans. It may seem to you like you can’t find debt consolidation. There are a range of things you can do to get your bills in order so you can begin to work your way out of the hole you are in.
If your major interest is information related to relief from debt or any other like debt relief settlement,credit counseling, consolidate credit card debt orla unsecured loans for bad credit history, this essay can prove advantageous.
Debt relief tips can help a user in going for authentic settlement options. It is exceedingly important that the firm which is selected by the loan taker is not counterfeited. As far as all the legal companies are concerned, they do provide a good elimination share to the clients. However for this option, the shopper must be certain that the relief company is bonafide.
They have gone beyond their means to buy items to gorge the zeal for impulsive purchasing. They relied on their fat pay checks at the end of each month to pay their dues. And now after losing their jobs they are made to suffer with bills accumulating from the MasterCard companies.
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It is an undoubted fact that selecting the right relief firm is the most significant and major role playing debt management tips for the negotiation process. The role of the employed experts is to speak and talk with the Visa card company with a planned goal.
The standard that the settlement company has is extremely important. A high profiled company has very high charges for the elimination process. But an organization that is less experienced would charge less from the customer. Credit card debt settlements have a certain procedure which is followed by the shopper when he plans to gets his liabilities reduced.
Many people trying to find information regarding relief from debt also looked online for debt relief services, debt consolidation program, and even Montgomery county Pennsylvania Wikipedia the free encyclopedia,consumer debt consolidation.
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Remodel Your Bathroom and Make It Cozy and Comfortable

Are you tired of the old stereotypical bathroom? Are you planning click more details a makeover bathroom and want to give it a new look? A bathroom is the one place where you spend time away from anxiety www.linecookierunhackcheat.com/ and chaos. So it has to be a peaceful and refreshing place. It is your safe haven. There is an increase in people who want to upgrade their washrooms to make them more luxurious and comfortable. But peace and comfort are not the only reasons why people want to remodel their washrooms. Another important reason is the increased value it gives to your house.

Trends to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom
Here are some trendy tips if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom. These points will definitely help you make informed choices.

Large Showers
It is good to have an airy and well ventilated washroom. The showers should be properly installed, keeping water drainage in mind. Glass is a good option to use instead of basketball stars hack wood to make it more spacious and wide. Glass will also give a rich and spa like look to your old washroom. Some people even opt for partial shower walls when remodeling their washrooms.

Replace Noisy Jacuzzis with Soaking Tubs
Most people are switching from Jacuzzis to tubs. Tubs give a serene and royal experience that is missing with noisy Jacuzzis. Another important factor is the magnificent feeling that soaking tubs give to your house. It definitely makes a home stand out.

Illuminate Your House
People want to fill their washrooms with light, making it more luminous. Adding windows and skylights to a washroom can go a long way in filling a washroom with more light. Just add a few windows to your old washroom and notice the difference it makes to your washroom.

Exotic Steam Bath
After a day filled with stress and fatigue, imagine what wonders a steam bath can do for you. A steam bath not only gives you a wonderfully relaxing experience, but is also stress relieving. It removes the toxins from your body making it fresh again. It is extremely beneficial to your skin. Skin’s pores are dilated and harmful toxins are expelled from your body. The skin is simply revived and so is your crowning glory, your hair. The day’s exhaustion can easily be cured by a soothing steam experience.

Mandatory Inclusions:
?A proper floor drain
?Tiles or marble on walls and floor
?Ceiling should be sloping to drain all water condensations
?Waterproof and water vapor tight door
?Proper and adequate ventilation

Exhaust Fan is a Must
Get rid of any bad odor in your bathroom. Remember to install a proper exhaust fan to remove all bad smells from it. Do not opt for old fashioned fans and instead go for exhaust fans with humidity sensors. They are equipped with auto on and off technology, which means they switch off and on automatically.
Give your bathroom a makeover and make it more comfortable and luxurious. It will not only enhance your standard of living, but will also add to your house price value. Bathroom renovation is undoubtedly a good investment option.

If you are planning to do Bathroom remodeling Washington DC according to your needs and requirements, then the designers have unique and amazing designs just for you.Click here for Washington gratisclashroyalehack.nl/clashroyalehack/ DC remodeling.

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